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Welcome to the Family Medicine Practice of Karen L. Smith MD, PA. We are committed to providing compassionate, patient-centered, high quality care to patients from children through adulthood.

The Power of Touch

Physical, Emotional and Spiritual

Heart Health

We’re proud to be part of the “Heart Health Now!” initiative led by the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill to help primary care practices improve the heart health of millions of Americans. Listen in at 7:00 a.m. Friday mornings throughout the summer.


Summer weeds such as ragweed, air pollution, molds, bees, wasps, yellow jackets, hornets, fire ants, and other insects that sting, can all cause allergic reactions. If over the counter antihistamines are not helping your allergies, call our office to schedule a visit.

Arthritis Care

If non-prescription strength pain relievers are no longer managing your joint pain, it may be time to explore other options. These include prescription pain relievers or prescription nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), immunosuppressants, physical therapy, and possibly surgery. Call our office to schedule an appointment.

Let us help protect you from COVID-19



9am to 3pm


Freedom Chapel AME Zion Church
270 New Freedom Church Road
Raeford, NC 28376

Single Shot: No Second Shot Needed. No ID or Health Insurance Required.
Privacy Fully Protected. No Appointment Necessary.

Telehealth Services

With Telehealth Visits, it’s easy to get urgent care or other appointments through our virtual telehealth services. If you live in the Raeford area, you can connect remotely through online consultation or video call—right from home. It’s a convenient option for those who prefer not to travel.

All you need is your phone, tablet, laptop or computer. When you use one of our virtual services, you can consult with a doctor online or meet face-to-face through a video call. You will be able to have your symptoms checked and get next steps—including a prescription, if needed.

Karen L Smith MD wants to help you during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Outbreak!

Are you sick or in need of care, but unsure where to go because you don’t want to be around Coronavirus?

Are you worried you might have Coronavirus?

Common symptoms: fever, cough, shortness of breath Higher risk: very close (within 6 feet) contact to someone who had coronavirus OR recently in an area where coronavirus is very common.

The following symptoms could be dangerous. If you have any of these, GO TO THE ER:

  • Difficulty breathing
  • Persistent pain or pressure in your chest
  • New confusion or not able to wake up
  • Bluish lips or face

If you are worried—CALL US FIRST! (910) 904-1695.

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