Welcome to the Virtual Practice of Karen L. Smith, MD,PA!

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Our practice believes in The Power of Touch which is important for the physical, spiritual, and emotional well being of each person.

A Virtual Practice allows you to access your personal medical home in order to receive guidance regarding your healthcare concerns. 

The Virtual Office provides the following services in your private setting twenty-four hours a day:

* Register your personal account to maintain confidential interactions with the medical home of Karen L. Smith, MD,PA

* Obtain normal lab results after review by the doctor

*Access Symptom Assessment which allows you to enter your medical concerns prior to visiting the doctor in the office.

*Acquire knowledge about the training and educational accomplishments of Dr. Karen Smith.  We are proud to share this information with you!

*Review the tremendous list of Point of care Services offered in the office

*Discover new and exciting medical technology available in the office to insure you are recieving the best care possible.

*Learn more about you insurance plan and review other plans which may suit your family needs.

*Access information about common medical conditions such as treatment options for the common cold and other serious conditions such as cancer. 

*Information is at your fingertips for medical problems which may arise when the medical facility is closed

* Share information with your family and friends which may help them to live happier and healthier lives.

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